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Hippotherapy - Private Sessions

Derived from the Greek word hippos meaning horse, Hippotherapy is the use of horseback riding as a rehabilitative treatment, especially as a means to improve coordination, balance and strength.  Jennifer is  a licensed therapeutic professional (Occupational Therapist) which is a requirement to provide Hippotherapy.   


Adaptive Riding:


Adaptive Riding includes mounted and unmounted horseback riding and horsemanship activities to promote unique physical and emotional benefits.  Sessions are adapted based on an individual's disabilities 

Equine Assisted Learning -

Private & Groups Sessions:


Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential learning approach utilizing equines to promote the development of professional, personal and educational life skills.  We utilize groundwork activities with the horses to improve skills such as confidence, boundary setting, time management, following directions, social skills, attention to detail and problem solving to name a few.

Group and Team Building Activities:

Dreamcatcher Healing Ranch with your co-workers, senior residents,  foster children, support groups,  teen groups, and/or  after school programs to engage in a unique, rewarding animal experience.  We will utilize the horses and other barn animals to work on the individualized goals of your group including team building, communication, socializing, and interacting.  We also teach equine safety, and how to groom and care for horses and other ranch animals.  Special events at an extra charge can be coordinated to include horseback riding, cookouts and bonfires. 


Non-therapy Services:

We offer several other services at Dreamcatcher Healing Ranch such as:

* Animal Boarding

* English and Western Riding Lessons

* Birthday Parties and other Special Events

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